Postline - Refined Groundnut Oil

SK Oils present Postline refined groundnut oil which is of premium grade and is absolutely safe for human consumption. We are pioneering newer advances in optimum refinement of oil extracted from various nuts and natural products. The health-giving nutrients of the groundnut and the natural nutty freshness are preserved in entirety in the refined oil. This results in enhancement of the taste of cooked food as the pristine flavor and pungency are retained optimally. The refined groundnut oil has the richness of mono unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) which results in optimum health of the user and allows for retention of taste and nutritional values. The oil is fit for cooking of various cuisines.

The Postline refined groundnut oil is the ultimate choice for sautéing, shallow and deep frying of foods. The oil is packed under hygienic factory conditions with best in class packaging material certified for usage with food content fit for human consumption. The high quality of Postline refined groundnut oil makes it possible to retain the taste and pungency unique to the nuts in foods cooked with the oil. The natural flavor of the food is brought out by the addition of groundnut oil manufactured by us. Food can be easily cooked with this oil, the groundnuts for which are harvested from organic farms.

Why Postline Refined Groundnut Oil ?

Postline groundnut oil is fittest for cooking food because of many reasons. Major among them are listed below.

  • 1)Crystal clarity andunblemished white color
  • 2)Retention of Food’s natural Taste
  • 3)Longer shelf life
  • 4) Less oil absorption by food and body
  • 5) Traditional and Regal Taste

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