Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil - Mastola

Mastola, the superlative Kacchi Ghani Mustard oil, is a premium oil brand manufactured and marketed by SK Oil. The oil is extracted from mature mustard seeds and filtered to perfection for retain its natural properties like nutritional value, pungency, taste, flavor and richness. The zest provided by the tangy oil lingers in the prepared food forever which makes it more appetizing.

A team of proficient professionals supervise the manufacturing and packaging process and ensure adherence to international quality standards at every stage. The premium kacchighani mustard oil is used for cooking in Indian households and is a must have ingredient for preparation of various delicacies. Mastola carries the assurance of top notch quality from SK Oil which means that customers can use the same with complete confidence.

The packaging process is carried out in careful manner to ensure that the mustard oil remains fit for human consumption for prolonged duration. The kacchighani oil, recognized globally for its purity is provided as refined safflower oil to customers at very competitive rates. You can easily create variety of gourmet cuisines with the addition of Mastola. Each dish would carry the distinctive flavor imparted by the pungency and freshness of mustard oil. The nutritive value of the oil is enhanced by the presence of natural Vitamin E which also render anti-oxidative properties to the oil. Food prepared with MastolaKacchi Ghani mustard oil retains its freshness and zest for longer durations. It is ideal for preparing a wide range of pickles due to its natural preservative quality.

Reasons for choosing Mastola

Mastola’s quality quotient is enhanced by many factors such as

  • 1)Sparkling appearance
  • 2) Substantial pungency and unique natural taste
  • 3)Low Smoking index
  • 4) Retention of aroma
  • 5) Longer shelf life
  • 6) Natural preservative properties

Mustard oil is traditionally known as a natural preservative and hence is widely used for pickling.

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