Pure Sesame Oil - Tiloni

Tiloni, our pure sesame oil brand, is manufactured using proven contemporary methods using state of the art processing units that preserve the richness of flavor and eclecticism of taste. SK Oil is the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality sesame oil. Sesame seeds are sourced from organic farms to ensure that any toxic chemical does not make its way inadvertently in the finished product.

We have strategic partnerships with leading industry suppliers of raw sesame seeds. To ensure quality, we choose to source raw materials from vendors who adhere to accepted industry benchmarks in material handling, packaging and transportation. Our production unit is capable of supplying pure sesame oil in desired quantity to customers without violating committed deadlines.

Tiloni is a highly preferred oil brand for cooking and for preparation of herbal medicines. Pure oil is extracted and refined from high quality sesame seeds which contains high quantity of natural oil within them. Traditional manufacturing method is complemented by organic cold processing to ensure that the natural aroma, taste and nutritional value of the oil is preserved even after prolonged period of production. Tiloni is rich in nutrition, has proven medicinal qualities and makes the food savory. Sesame oil is the choicest oil for carrying out Abhyanga, the daily Ayurvedic self-massage in traditional way. It is rich in linoleic acid, and has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Tiloni sesame oil is golden in color and is 100% pure.


Tiloni is the epitome of pureness. It must be your preferred sesame oil because it:-

  • 1) Carries the unadulterated goodness of nature
  • 2) Abounds in fresh natural aroma
  • 3) Is enriched with antioxidants good for health
  • 4) Is a natural source of linoleic acid and vitamins for cooking

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