SK Oil presents Postline Naturals, a superior quality filtered groundnut oil which is manufactured from fresh groundnuts and has crystal clear consistency and appearance. Groundnut oil is regarded as King of edible oils in India.Our filtered groundnut product contains the richness and flavor of sweet and aromatic nuts. High grade groundnuts are sourced from reputed organic farms to ensure top-notch quality and zero toxicity in the form of presence of unwanted chemicals.

The groundnut oil is filtered and provided in an array of choices under the Postline Naturals brand. We observe stringent quality standards during processing of groundnuts and subject the oil to rigorous quality checks at various stages of the production. The shelf life of the filtered life is increased and foam generation during frying is minimized through fortification with permitted anti foaming agent [900a].

Our professionals ensure that the suppliers of raw groundnuts adhere to accepted quality standards during production and harvesting of nuts. Our premium quality filtered groundnut oil is available at affordable rates in the market. Excellent packaging ensures that the quality of the oil is not adversely impacted during transit. Due to such customer centric measures, our Postline Naturals range of filtered groundnut oil products have cornered the domestic market.


  • 1) RICH taste and aroma
  • 2)Consistent Product Quality
  • 3)Unique anti foaming attribute
  • 4) Longer shelf life of food cooked or fried with Postline.
  • 5)Compliance to Healthy ratio of SAFA : PUFA :MUFA.

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